Top PR Campaigns – 10th February – Cancer Research and Volvo

This week’s campaigns see organisations partnering up to produce something special. 

Donations Made Easy

We’re fans of a good PR stunt, especially one that’s for a good cause, and this next campaign is definitely right up there. Cancer Research UK has joined forces with Strawberry Energy to launch several smart benches throughout London, enabling the public to donate £2 to the charity through contactless technology. In addition to contactless donations, the solar-powered bench offers mobile charging ports and free wi-fi access, as well as a place to park your bum.

The bench is a tech savvy way of attracting the public’s attention, aiming to raise awareness for World Cancer Day which took place on February 4. As it offers an easy way to donate, we would like to think it’s already raised lots of money for the charity!


Volvos Boutique Lodge

To promote its new V9 Cross Country car, Volvo has teamed up with Tablet Hotels, a premium hotel company, to launch a ‘Get Away’ lodge in the snowy serenity of Northern Sweden. The stunt ties in neatly with its wider campaign that aims to help people find a healthy work-life balance after Volvo found that 6/10 people want to spend more time outside and less time in the office.

We like this campaign, because cars and hospitality go neatly together, and the location of the lodge is a perfect fit given the new car is marketed as being suited to all weather conditions. Great job guys!

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