I’m often asked ‘how do you measure PR?’

It’s a fair question. Whether you have an in-house team or hire an agency, public relations will inevitably suck up some precious time and budget and so you will quite rightly want to know whether it’s worth that investment. Let me first off say, if this is a question you recently put to a PR agency, and their reply involved simply measuring column inches, sack them! They’re either operating in the dark ages or trying to hoodwink you - and I wouldn’t want either type of agency handling my PR.

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OK…so what should be measured?

When measuring any aspect of your PR, start with your business objectives. Your PR team needs to know the real things you are trying to achieve. For instance, you may want:

• Visitors to your site – important if it’s is an e-commerce site

• A closer relationship with 5 key intermediaries who could unlock bigger deals

• More candidates on your roster – vital if you’re a recruitment firm operating in a space where candidates are in short supply

• First page placement on the search engines for certain key terms - because you want to pick off certain niche markets

• An increase in your contact base who’ve agreed to be marketed to – crucial if you have a sophisticated email marketing system that’s great at turning contacts into customers

• People to download certain materials and thus get educated on a specific topic – a key aim for those promoting causes, public health campaigns etc

• Stronger name recognition among prospects so that it’s easier for your team to sell to them

• Better staff retention because recruitment is costing you £30,000 per employee

• More customers to recommend you to their contacts

You get the gist. It’s the delivery/support of these kinds of objectives (not simply column inches!) that your PR should be measured against.

If these don’t sound like PR objectives, that’s because you have perhaps set the bar too low in the past. Your idea of what PR entails is too narrow, or you’ve perhaps not worked with an agency that felt capable of delivering these things!

What Next?

With site metrics and analytics, plus the proper briefing of staff who answer your phones, it has never been easier to connect your PR activity with the delivery of desired outcomes. But don’t forget, to do this properly you will need to give your PR team access to those numbers, metrics, analytics. That way they can identify what’s working, refine and improve their performance.

You can’t give a PR team important things to deliver but withhold the tools they need to do a good job for you!

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