How to Reach Your Audience on LinkedIn

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Beth Reynolds


LinkedIn’s Sponsored Updates are becoming increasingly popular and rightly so. With over 467 million users on the platform, it’s the world’s largest social network for professionals, so opens a lot of doors for B2B marketers.

Sponsored updates are a great way for organisations to boost their following and broadcast content to a targeted audience outside of their connections, something that can otherwise prove to be a challenge. Here are our top tips for crafting your own campaign.

Decide on a Goal

One of the first things you need to do is decide what you plan to accomplish – grow followers, drive traffic to a web page, encourage downloaders or grow subscribers. A clear end goal will help shape the campaign to meet your objectives.

Be on Target

The platform has developed a comprehensive targeting program so you can choose the specifics of your audience such as location, sector and job title. Utilise this correctly and your Sponsored Content will be seen by the right people.

Include a Clear Call to Action

Although there is no word limit for posts, typically 150-200 characters will display before a ‘read more’ link appears and your call to action (CTA) is lost beneath this. Ideally, you want your audience to see your CTA without having to click this link. Keep your message concise to encourage more readers to click through.

Directly Address Your Readers

Your audience should always be at the centre of your content. Use the word ‘you’ in the message and mention the job title or sector that you’re targeting. Highly personalised copy will encourage engagement.

Include a Compelling Image

Make your post stand out to users scrolling through the newsfeed by including an image to grab their attention. If you’re using a web link, LinkedIn will pull a thumbnail image from the page so if you don’t like the image it has selected, or it is poor quality, choose your own image before your Sponsored Update goes live.
LinkedIn recommends using images with a 1.91:1 ratio (1200x627 px).

Measure Performance and Optimise

Get the most from a live campaign by using LinkedIn’s analytics tool to track the performance of your posts. If your campaign is not performing as well as expected, or you’re not reaching the right audience, make adjustments to strengthen your post in line with your objectives.

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