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As the New Year is on the horizon, we wanted to share a wrap up of our favourite PR campaigns from the past 12 months. All of these campaigns perfectly deliver the brief in a creative way and, most importantly, have left a lasting impression – on us, at least.

Take a look at our picks of the top PR campaigns from 2018 below.


BA’s star-studded in-flight safety video

Often ignored by passengers, the in-flight safety video onboard all commercial flights can be viewed as dull and unimaginative. This year however, British Airways decided to change this. By roping in famous faces such as Sir Michael Caine, Joanna Lumley and Olivia Coleman to star in its latest edition of the safety video, BA made health and safety protocol much more entertaining.

Why we love it: The video perfectly encapsulates tongue-and-cheek humour whilst still delivering a safety presentation to passengers, and it gained a fair amount of media attention too.


Deadpool 2 and Blockbuster

Ryan Reynolds’ satirical anti-hero hit cinemas for the second installation of the Deadpool franchise this year and had an impressive PR strategy to support the film. Our favourite however was its revival of Blockbuster Video in Shoreditch, London. Stocked with only copies of Deadpool 2, housed in VHS boxes, customers were invited to visit the store and claim their copy of the film – if they could produce their original Blockbuster card or show off their superpower to the cashier.

Why we love it: The culmination of the summer-long campaign cleverly played on the affections of a nostalgia-driven generation, the main demographic of the film.



Our National Health Service turned 70 this year and celebrated this with a year-long campaign fit for one of Britain’s most celebrated institutions. With tea parties, exhibitions and open days scheduled throughout the year, the celebrations didn’t stop. The events were also aptly paired with focal points of the NHS, ranging from May’s ‘Mental Health’ focus to July’s ‘Innovation and Digital’ focus.

Why we love it: In recent years the NHS has hit the headlines for not-so-positive reasons, however the campaign for its 70th birthday perfectly celebrates the service whilst highlighting some of the ways it’s striving for brilliance.



Iceland released its Christmas advert back in November and it was swiftly banned by Clearcast for being too political, but that didn’t stop the supermarket and its fight against palm oil. Taking to the streets of London’s South bank, a hyper-realistic animatronic Orangutan was seen searching for somewhere to call home whilst turning Londoner’s heads along the way.

Why we love it: The stunt perfectly encapsulates the message at the heart of the campaign, the supermarket is against destroying the Orangutan’s habitat because of the high demand for palm oil found in their rainforests.

Gordon’s #YayDelay

Following a month of train strikes, Gordon’s Gin launched its #YayDelay campaign at Waterloo station – one of London’s most delayed stations. The campaign encouraged angry commuters to tweet their frustrations at the train delays with the hashtag #YayDelay in order to unlock a free G&T voucher which was redeemable inside the station.

Why we love it: The campaign inventively allows commuters to air their frustrations for a positive reason – free Gin!



We love Guerrilla marketing, and this clever tactic was definitely a highlight of 2018. WWF launched fake ivory fashion brand, Ivory Lane, in Singapore. The campaign highlighted the loopholes that still exist in the law allowing the sale of ivory from one of Singapore’s most endangered species, the Asian Elephant, despite huge conservation efforts.

Why we love it: The campaign gained global media attention and social media traction, with 65,000 impressions.

GDPR Lullaby

GDPR was big news at the beginning of 2018 until the legislation officially came into force at the end of May. To sooth any sleepless nights caused by data protection legislation, the San Francisco-based meditation app, Calm, turned a section of the 57,509-word document from the European Union into a sleep-inducing audiobook. ‘Once upon a GDPR’ is narrated by Peter Jefferson, the former voice of BBC’s shipping forecast, and was affectionately dubbed ‘Britain’s unofficial national lullaby’.

Why we love it: Calm managed to turn a nightmare into a blissful nights’ sleep without even changing the content of the new legislation.

Mr. Kipling

A 22-foot statue of the BFG appeared in London back in July, made entirely of Mr. Kipling cakes. Constructed from 7,500 individual sponges and taking 200 hours to create, the ‘life sized’ sculpture was created to highlight Mr. Kipling’s limited-edition range of sweet treats.

Why we love it: Weighing half a tonne, the sculpture was no mean feat to create and certainly made an impact!



Wimbledon opened its courts for the 132nd time this year to once again host the oldest tournament in the world. To celebrate, organisers commissioned a one-minute animated video mapping out the history of the tournament. It marked iconic moments from Wimbledon’s history, spanning from impractical years of ankle-length dresses and wooden rackets, to modern-day 148mph serves.

Why we love it: The campaign was a fantastic use of video content to demonstrate the changes in Wimbledon’s history and was incredibly popular on social media.

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