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This week’s blog is a quick round up of some Valentine’s PR wins that caught our eye.

We’ve seen a number of cracking campaigns in the run up to Valentine’s Day, but we can’t write about them all, so we’ve selected a few of our favourites to share with you.


We’re fans of a sweet treat here at EPR, so it’s no surprise that this next stunt is part of our Valentine’s round up. In aid of the most romantic day of the year, Mr Kipling created a stunning 3ft tall ‘bou-cake’, comprising of 80 long-stemmed pink roses, along with a selection of its much-loved cakes, including Battenbergs, Cherry Bakewells and French Fancies.

This super-sized bouquet cost a whopping £400 to create, which for most people is way over the normal Valentine’s Day budget. As a result, anyone looking to buy something smaller for their other half was able to purchase the ‘bou-cake’ for just £30, and it also came with a complimentary box of special edition cakes. YUM!

Debenhams Drive Through

This Valentine’s Day, Debenhams came to the rescue for all those lazy lovebirds. It offered a brand-new drive-thru service in a bid to ‘take the stress out of the shopping experience during this sentimental time of year’. Time-strapped shoppers could order their gifts at one pop-up window outside the store and collect them from another, all from the comfort of their car. The drive-thru was trialled at the Trafford Centre store in Manchester and, if successful, will roll out for other special dates throughout the year.

Kids Meal? That’s for kids

Burger King has capitalised on the day of love with a promotion aimed at its over 18 customers, and this one sparked quite the media frenzy. The fast food giant offered its diners an ‘adult meal’, complete with a free adult toy. ‘Romantic’ diners who took advantage of the deal received two Whoppers, two fries, two beers and an adult toy; either a blindfold, feather duster or a head massager.

However, before you get too excited, we’re afraid the Adult Meal was only available in Israel.

Loving London

This next campaign is a social media special that was designed to light The Coca-Cola London Eye up in a shade of hot pink, all in the name of love. People were asked to post a digital love letter to the capital by sharing their favourite views of London, using the hashtag #EyeLoveLondon. The Eye glowed dark purple at 6pm and started to turn a bright shade of pink as the e-love letters poured in throughout the evening.

We LOVE it!

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