Brand Love – a comprehensive look at what makes us love certain brands, and not others

What is love? Apart from being an early 90s Haddaway hit, it’s hard to quantify. But as business mogul Peter Drucker once said, “that which can be measured can be improved”, or inversely “that which can’t be measured, can’t be improved”. So, we’ve done our darndest to do just that because everyone wants to improve the love that customers feel for our brands.

To generate some hard data, we put the burning questions we all have about brand love to some of the UK’s sharpest marketing minds, including:

  • “Why do we love certain brands?”
  • “Is there a science to brand love?”
  • “Do our customers love us, or is it something else that keeps them coming back for more?”
  • “What’s threatening our brand love?” and
  • “How can we make our customers love us more?”

The data and insights our investigation uncovered are astoundingly useful. Download the full report by clicking the link to the right of the page.