Driving Your E-Commerce Businesses

If you are selling online, you need great digital marketing. That means a mix of activity which reaches and attracts your potential customers when they’re online. Activity which builds online interest in your brand, products or services and draws people to your site. It needs to engage them so that they buy. But it can’t end there. Your digital marketing needs to make them want to keep coming back to your site and want to share your business with others.

If you haven’t sold online before, or it’s not been a priority channel, this type of digital activity will demand a mix of skills and know-how which you probably just haven’t got in your team.

And even if you are an e-commerce veteran, there has never been a better time to revisit how you are doing things, to ensure your business’ communications are firing on all cylinders.

So, give us a call. Let us explore how we can help you.

Driving Direct Traffic

Forget the SEO lottery. We will increase awareness so that more people put your company straight into the search bar and your business is less dependent on performing well in generic Google searches

Brand Building

We will establish what makes you special - your expertise, authority, personality…so that potential customers feel completely confident to buy from you – and recommend you.


We will separate you from the pack.

Auditing your competitors, spotting their weak points so that you can then hit them where it hurts! Plus coming up with those creative ideas which utterly convey your personality, your ‘specialness’ and stick in people’s minds.


They’re important – but what a potential minefield! We will devise an influencer strategy which delivers and doesn’t break the bank. That means identifying the influencers to work with, those who will be right for your business and your budget, then managing them - including drawing up the contract and monitoring results.

We will devise creative ways to work with them. This includes reviews, stunts, TikTok tactics, blog content, competitions, unboxing, trials, and special campaigns. You will forge amazing relationships with those influencers so that they become close to your brand and want to work with you.

Check out more of our work with influencers

Creating Buzz & Noise

We’re great at making the media magic happen! That means making the media, bloggers, vloggers and other influencers want to talk about you in a way which works for your business, brands and e-commerce strategy. We will do this, arming them with exactly what they need and when they need it. Your company will become their ‘go-to’ company.

Content Strategy and Creation

Content is king. And no we don’t just mean coming up with blog topics! We’ll come up with a brilliant strategy and then killer, creative content which hits the mark, time after time. This will be designed to play out right across your site, social channels and the wider web. You will go from being ‘me too’ to your market’s standout player.

Boosting SEO & Traffic

SEO and traffic are critical to online businesses, and we deliver both in spades. Executing a media relations plan we will support your keyword strategy and boost your site’s performance in the search engines. Your business will be future-proofed against Google’s changing algorithms. No black hat nonsense, or so-called SEO ‘experts’ seeding your content onto poor websites to chase backlinks. We are talking credible activity which you will love, people will see and Google will rank. See how we did this for Wellers

Social Media

E-commerce brands are built on social channels. It’s too important to overlook. But it’s also so time intensive. We can help as much or as little as you need. It could be just providing some strategic planning, creating content calendars, or we could handle the channel’s day-to-day.

Wherever your audience grazes for its information, we will help your team reach them, engage them… turning them into fans, advocates, customers.


Your website is too familiar to you for you to judge it clearly anymore. We will provide that impartial fresh pair of eyes. This will ensure your site supports the sales journey and doesn’t lose people along the way. From a full audit to coming up with day to day content to plug any gaps – and anything else you need in between!

Customer Marketing

Repeat customers most likely account for 8% of your customer base and 40% of turnover. So you want more! We’ll help you. Through evaluating your customer comms, devising brilliant newsletters, initiatives and creative tactics you’ll have more customers who not only buy again but talk about you to all of their contacts or friends.

Don’t delay, give us a call. Let us explore how we can help you.