Family Business Support

Because family businesses have different marketing needs

Family businesses face a unique set of communication challenges. How to make the most of the ‘family business’ strap line, should it be emphasised or played down? If it’s to play an important part in the marketing mix, how should it be capitalised on and when in the company’s development should this happen? How do you talk about the heritage but not sound old-fashioned? Is there a risk in tying a business’ reputation so closely to a family? And what about other employees, how do you ensure non-family members feel valued and included?

People also expect certain things of family firms. They want them to have a strong sense of community and corporate social responsibility. But rather than simply adopting any old cause, how do you devise a CSR policy that’s meaningful and fits specifically with the business? And what about the misconceptions people may have about family-run firms – that they’re small or possibly not so professional to buy from or work for. How do you counter these notions? We understand these communication challenges and help firms turn their family-connection into a major brand benefit.

Service Features

  • Strategic planning
  • Identifying values
  • Messaging
  • Profile building of key family members
  • CSR strategy development and amplification
  • Internal communications
  • Events
  • Crisis and issues planning
  • Media relations, digital and social media

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