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Coronavirus took away most of the things we get enjoyment from, such as seeing our friends or family and the simplicity of a pint in the pub. Now that the worst of the pandemic is ostensibly over in the UK (for now at least), many PR campaigns have turned to light-hearted humour to get us through the remainder.

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Paddy Power and the Safest Party in Town

Once Premier League football restarted, it only took three matches for Liverpool to secure its first title since the competition began. Keen to highlight the importance of celebrating safely ahead of the trophy being lifted, Paddy Power teamed up with ex-Liverpool striker and all-round football legend, Peter Crouch, to create a tongue-in-cheek public safety announcement to football fans.

In the video guide, you see football fans and Peter Crouch all zipped into their own two-metre-high human hamster balls, to ensure they could all celebrate as much as they liked, whilst still complying with the UK’s COVID-19 protection rules.

To take it to another level, additional precautions were taken, with fans being sprayed with disinfectant by officials in hazmat suits and all beverages being consumed within the balls.

Why we like it: The campaign recognises that Liverpool fans understandably want to celebrate, because, as Crouch says, “it could be a while until the next one”, but highlights that there is a way to do so safely without nagging or feeling patronising. Through the engaging video fans not only get a laugh, but we are also reminded that these aren’t normal times that we are living in and so our actions need to be adjusted accordingly.

Burger King and Wrap It Up Early

The year 2020 has been tough on everyone, so fast-food giant, Burger King, has taken it upon itself to skip ahead to the most wonderful time of the year, Christmas.

The brand has decked out its flagship store in Miami with festive decorations which will remain until the end of the year, supported by a video and Christmas cheer across its social media.

Why we like it: In times of crisis, it’s light-hearted content offering comfort, that often cuts through the noise of a situation. Like many great campaigns, it this simple idea plays on a truth, it echoes what nearly everyone is thinking, ‘can this year please be over already?‘ It also neatly builds on the brand’s other intelligent and timely PR stunts.

Visit Cheltenham

Now for one which didn’t quite so successfully hit the mark. To encourage people back to Cheltenham’s high street and encourage shopping local, Cheltenham BID, the Spa Town’s business improvement body, put together a promotional video to highlight the great things to do in the town and the safety precautions implemented to keep patrons safe.

However, the body found itself in hot water after accusations that the video had been white-washed and didn’t fully represent the diversity of the town.

What to learn: Despite Cheltenham not being the most diverse part of the country, just 6% of its population is BAME compared to a 14% national average, that doesn’t mean this important section of the community should be ignored. The video should celebrate all areas of Cheltenham and present a welcoming place for all backgrounds to encourage everyone to visit. The video did suffer from especially bad timing as it was released amidst Black Lives Matter protests, but regardless, a critical eye should have been taken when reviewing the video before it was released.

Cheltenham BID has responded to the public criticism and taken on board the comments to make the video better.

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