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What is internal communications?

The way you prioritise and deliver internal comms will reach far beyond the four walls of your business. Company culture and employer brand are now board-level priorities.

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It has never been more important to keep employees informed and engaged with your company’s strategy, objectives and policies. Why? Consistent, clear and inspiring communication within your business fosters belonging, motivation and purpose: the foundation of happy teams. 

And happy teams perform well, stay and thrive in your business. They become your biggest advocates both inside and outside of the business.

Why is it important?

Internal communications have an intrinsic relationship with your external reputation

Because of things like Glassdoor reviews, and your customers’ interaction with your employees. If your team is happy and engaged, it will have a halo effect on your business.  

But with remote and hybrid working, multi-generational workforces and all those other employee trends to grapple with, it’s easy to get your internal comms strategy wrong.  


Our internal communications services

Basic internal information sharing is quite easy to manage for small businesses. But once you get above 10 employees, it gets complicated very quickly. We can help you define your long and short-term messages and methods of communication to keep your team informed and engaged.

We can help with everything from the big picture, like your company values, to the nitty gritty, like drafting your monthly internal newsletters.

Internal Communications Strategy

We can help develop your high-level  internal comms strategy, run workshops with senior leaders and help you define your brand values, positioning and internal comms roadmap.

Navigating change

Effective communication is business-critical during times of uncertainty, transformation and growth. We can help you create clear and consistent communication. You need all levels of the business to have buy-in and keep confidence high.

Reinforcing your company culture

Codifying your culture is a must, but only the beginning. Regularly celebrating and reinforcing it makes the difference between a poster on the wall and truly unlocking the business benefits of a strong culture. We can help you embed the culture in the way you communicate in all corners of your business.

Employee experience

From recruitment to the exit interview, and everything in between – employee experience is becoming as important as the customer journey. Internal communications need to be carefully mapped out and created for all key touchpoints.

Corporate social responsibility

The demand on businesses to demonstrate their CSR in an honest, meaningful way comes from customers, industry peers and employees. What level of participation do you need from your employees? How will you keep them informed, how can they contribute, and does it make them feel proud to do so?

Which channels to use

The right mix for your business can be determined by your employees’ preferences

How would they like to be communicated with, and how often? Ask them, test things and measure success. Like all good communication, it should be a two-way channel.

We can help you explore the best online and offline mix for your business. Face to face, think team meetings, town halls and feedback sessions run by leaders. Online, there’s an ever-growing list of ways to do this, from Slack and email to the intranet and social media.

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Ready to transform your employer brand?

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