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Proactive and reactive reputation management

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Nobody wants a PR crisis, but they happen

They happen unexpectedly and can blow out of proportion on social media before you know what’s hit you. Acting swiftly and decisively makes all the difference


What is crisis management?

It’s about dealing with a sudden emergency that could cause significant reputational damage to your business. 

Crises take many forms. It could be a serious accident at one of your sites, a product recall, a sensitive data breach or ransomware attack. It could also be an affronted ex-employee or supplier slating you on socials. 

A crisis brings increased scrutiny from the media, customers, prospects, and stakeholders, leaving you with nowhere to hide. This has the potential to seriously impact your reputation. 

Good crisis management, both on and offline, is all about containment, dampening its impact. Think damage control, providing reassurance and ending interest in the situation.


Our crisis management services

Energy PR has 25 years of knowledge and experience managing crisis and issues for our clients.

There’s never a good time to have a PR crisis. So if the proverbial hits the fan, we can be on standby 24/7 to help you maintain control and weather the storm. 

Our team can help you with: 

Proactive reputation audits and crisis planning

Preparation is crucial to avoid being caught unawares. We can audit and improve your current crisis management process, identify potential issues, create a crisis communications framework and plan for different scenarios.

Leadership coaching

We work with C-suite leaders, board members, HR and legal teams and any other stakeholders to brief and coach in crisis preparedness.

Media training and interview preparation 

Ensure key company spokespeople are media-ready at a moment’s notice. In the midst of a crisis, we can also do individual interview preparation for specific, high-profile speaking opportunities. 

Reactive crisis PR

We can help you develop a position on an issue and messaging in response to a crisis. Media, social media, external stakeholders and internal audiences all need communicating with – we can do it.  

Online brand and media monitoring 

We can monitor mentions of your brand in the media and on social media in real time. Understanding how the conversation is developing, analysing sentiment and who the main contributors to the narrative are, matters. It will inform our next move. 

Online reputation management 

After the storm has passed, we can help you repair and rebuild your business’s reputation. We’ll tell proactive, positive stories to displace negative news, so it’s not the first thing someone sees when they search for you.

Want your business to be ready for anything?

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