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When you hear ‘influencer marketing’, most people think of fashion brands and outrageous budgets

But, as a marketing tactic it’s so much more than that. No matter your sector or business, there’s a way influencer marketing can work for you.


Our influencer marketing services

As a communications agency, we’ve been doing influencer marketing for years. Way before social media hijacked it. It’s all about understanding who influences your target audience and finding a way for them to authentically promote your business. We can help with:

  • Planning and strategy

  • Sourcing influencers and contract negotiation

  • Briefing, co-creation and end-to-end management of influencers

  • Measurement, tracking and reporting

  • Long-term relationship building and ambassador programme management

Our audience-first approach

Firstly, we need to understand who you’re trying to influence

We get to know your audience, their point of view, their challenges, who they’re listening to, following and where they’re spending their time. The rest of the strategy flows from there: it’s the smartest way to spend your time and your budget.

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Finding the right influencers

It’s not just about people on social media with huge follower counts that make the best influencers: it can be the niche, micro or nano-influencer that get the cut through and engagement to make your message fly.

Beyond this, your business may not need social media influencers but brand advocates. After all, your relationship with your audience may not play out on social channels.

Whether you’re looking to change perception, drive sales or fast-track a brand evolution, we find the perfect fit for your business.

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What are the key benefits of influencer marketing?

A smart and strategic influencer marketing program is an essential part of your marketing toolkit.

  • Change the way people think about you. ‘Borrow’ the qualities you admire and aspire to as a business through the people you choose to collaborate with.

  • Co-creation of content, campaigns and even strategy. Because content creation takes time, and great content creation takes even more time.

  • A direct line to your audience. No one understands them like they do.

  • Trust and credibility. You can tell everyone you’re great, but it just hits harder when someone else says it.

  • Product feedback and development.

  • A short-cut to conveying a brand personality if you get the influencer choice really right.

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The untapped potential of B2B influencer marketing

Many companies that sell B2B overlook the possibilities of influencers or brand advocates. That’s why B2B influencers can be so powerful. They’re under-utilised and you have an attentive audience to work with. Business audiences are ultra-engaged: we consume a lot of content, and we pay attention right until the end if it helps us do our jobs better. We share it with colleagues on Slack and bookmark it for later.

A well aimed B2B influencer programme can deliver a lot of bang for your buck.

Ready to be the brand that everyone wants?

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