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Why is media relations so important?

Media relations is a vital part of managing your business’s reputation and growing your brand. It’s a specific, crucial subset of PR

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Media relations is the skillset by which journalists are encouraged to report positively about your business

Like sharing your interesting news, expert insight, or your opinions on a trending topic.

It matters because the media is a trusted source of information for your audiences. It influences the views and decisions of people important to your business – potential customers, investors, employees, suppliers. Getting the media to say positive things about your business isn’t easy to do, but it’s incredibly powerful. 

It’s also a virtuous circle. The more you do, and the better you are at it, the more time and consideration the media will give you and your business – during the good times and the bad.


Discover why top brands trust us

From transforming businesses to achieving remarkable results, our agency has earned the trust and admiration of our clients.

  • Working with the incredible Energy PR team is a true pleasure

    I always look forward to collaborating with the team! Energy PR is in tune with our Association and event-specific goals and does what is needed to create the perfect comprehensive media marketing program.

    Energy PR’s positive approach in garnering top media relationships, tailoring our messaging, and communicating our brand across multiple platforms and countries helps us meet our marketing goals and adds greatly to the success of Toy Fair!

    - Jacqueline Retzer | Director, Event Management

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  • They have exceeded our expectations in helping us promote our show

    Energy PR have been an absolute pleasure to work with. They are enthusiastic, incredibly polite and are always prompt in response. They secured us bigger coverage of our show than we could have imagined and would highly recommend any company to use them.

    - Amber Capon | Marketing Executive

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  • My Nametags has worked with Energy PR for years, and they keep delivering excellent PR work for us

    They do a great job in coming up with good ideas and executing them. My Nametags is trying to reach parents and consumers, and we have had articles and coverage on BBC, ITV, Sky, BBC Radio, Sun, Express and Mirror to mention some.

    - Lars B Andersen | CEO

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  • Energy PR have worked with Siltbuster for many years providing full media relations

    Its creativity and drive are a great asset to us, particularly pitching thought-leadership pieces and feature ideas to our target publications.

    Along with a strong amount of media coverage, with their help we have won several awards. The team are responsive, personable and great to work with.

    - Sol Sunnarvik | Marketing Manager

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  • Energy has quickly become an important cog in our marketing wheel

    They conducted exhibitor and conference speaker outreach to create engaging and exiting content for the media in the run up to the show. This has led to an abundance of press coverage for StocExpo and also nurtured our relationships with exhibitors. All this positive media and exhibitor relations has been invaluable to the show and has no doubt contributed to the increase in visitor numbers this year.

    - StocExpo

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Our media relations services

As with everything we do at Energy PR, we take a relationships-first, audience-first approach to our media relations

Through rigorous research, we know which papers, magazines, blogs, podcasts, TV shows and radio programmes your target audiences enjoy. We don’t get coverage for the sake of it. We want media coverage that makes a difference.

We have strong, long-standing relationships with journalists, editors and other key influencers. We’re clever with ideas, and provide reliably excellent stories, data and insights. We will make you their go-to expert. The result? A buzz around your business among precisely the people you’re trying to reach.

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Our services include: 

  • Media audits 
  • Media briefings and facilitating meet and greets with editors
  • Creating a matrix of issues and messaging for your company
  • Securing regular coverage in key media – including news generation and feature writing
  • Monitoring and measuring the success of coverage
  • Newsjacking and responding to relevant breaking news 
  • Managing enquiries from journalists
  • Securing and organising interviews

What is the difference between PR and media relations?

Media relations is just one of many tools in the PR toolbox

It is about working with journalists to generate positive media coverage.

Public relations is broader than just media relations. It is about managing the relationship between a business and all its stakeholders. That could be the general public, customers, prospects, potential investors, employees, suppliers, government and trade bodies. Doing this might involve any number of tools and techniques. Read more about our approach to PR.

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Ready to become the brand everyone’s talking about?

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