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Social media is something that businesses, PR teams and marketers have been trying to tame for years

The pace of change is dizzying: it seems every week a new feature or platform is launching, algorithms are being updated and new topics trending. Still. Joy, opportunity and oh yes, business benefits await.


What are the benefits of social media marketing?


Think of your social presence as a living, breathing extension of your brand. A standalone asset. Whether that’s your social profile as a ‘destination’ or posts that show up in the feed: it all adds up to how people find, judge and remember you. We make it easy for them to do all three. Don’t forget, no one works for a company without checking their socials first. Make sure yours zing.


A community is a powerful thing. It attracts people passionate about the same stuff, giving them somewhere to chat and share. And you’re in the thick of it because you’re making it happen. You’re vibing with your audience even when they aren’t buying, building followers and fans. You understand them and you make their feed a better place. Wonderful.


Social is increasingly an ecommerce tool, driving sales directly from the platforms. Even for service-led industries or B2B brands, it’s still a great way to capture sales data and leads.


Discover why top brands trust us

From transforming businesses to achieving remarkable results, our agency has earned the trust and admiration of our clients.

  • I have been blown away

    Since Energy PR has been managing our socials, the level of interaction, from quality leads, has been unbelievable. Being able to build my personal presence online, whilst also generating new business leads has been eye opening. I am more excited than ever to see what magic Team Energy can sprinkle over my account, and the Crossflow company account, as we move forward.

    - Rebecca White | Commercial Director

Why Energy? How our social media services can help you

Audit and Insights

Want to hit the reset button on your social media presence? We’ll give you sharp, ultra-practical insights about your audience, your category, cultural shifts and the current conversation.

Not only that, we’ll run a fine tooth comb over your own social media marketing performance. By finding out exactly where you stand, we can plan your next steps and get your business Insta-ready.



With social media marketing, you get out what you put in… and it all starts with the right strategy. It’s easy to just ‘be there’, but unless you’re there with purpose, you won’t get the benefits up for grabs. What are your objectives: what exactly are you trying to achieve with your social media?

  • A shop window, driving sales
  • A community-builder, deepening engagement with current and potential customers
  • A brand destination, showcasing your values, your products
  • Employer brand asset
  • … or something else?

This will inform the metrics you need to measure success – ranging from engagement rate through to speculative job applications.


Social media content and management

We do all the heavy-lifting: create monthly content calendars, craft copy, optimised social media assets, post… and let the results roll in.

Individual profile-building

Key C-Suite players are often time and – dare we say it – skill poor when it comes to social. We manage the profiles of individuals and take personal brands to the next level: we create content, post it and do community management too.

Training for your in house team

We offer bespoke training to you and your in-house team, who are closer to the action, equipping you to manage your social media in house. Tailor-made and ready to go.


Want to sort your social?

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