Founded by Louise Findlay-Wilson in 1995, is based in the heart of Cheltenham

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Something missing in the PR world ...

Previously part of big agencies only interested in working with ‘household names’, Louise felt there was something missing in the PR world. There were great businesses out there, doing great things. Innovators. Disruptors. Trailblazers. Some were perhaps highly technical or complex business brands. Others were consumer-facing, challenging the status quo. All were brilliant but their PR didn’t match. They deserved more.

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The idea

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was simple

Create a PR agency for these great businesses

To put them on the map and get them recognition, traffic and success. This takes considerable skill, the right mix of services and some seriously bright people. Enter Energy PR.

We don’t specialise – and we like it like that. If you’re a great bunch of people, breaking new ground or shaking things up, we’re right up your street.

And if you’re a well-known brand whose PR’s gone stale – we can do more for you too. Just imagine.


We’re exceptionally proud of our culture. It’s what makes us such a fun and fulfilling company to work for.

People stay, progress, flourish. Our culture is more than free Wotsits on a Friday. It is our moral compass for how we treat each other and our clients.

Driven to always do the right thing, we’ve embedded our values into everything we do, for our colleagues and clients, which is why we’re so:

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our values

Vibrant Trusted Compassionate Growth-focused
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Our culture is deliberate and nurtured. We celebrate, encourage and inspire each other. Internally and with our clients, we are more than colleagues, consultants and confidants; we are friends.

Cheesy? Yes. True? Also yes.

Fancy a change?

Want to start or take the next step in your career in PR in a fun and fulfilling environment?

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