A people first approach

Award winning PR agency

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We simply do more

Award winning PR agency

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We bring the energy

Award winning PR agency

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More is an important word for us at

We’re all about more. We do more than other PR agencies. We achieve more for our clients. And our clients simply want… more.

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We Simply

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Do More


Discover why top brands trust us

From transforming businesses to achieving remarkable results, our agency has earned the trust and admiration of our clients.

  • By far the best thing we’ve done

    It’s taken our practice in the sector to a whole other level and prompted concrete business opportunities. So many people I speak to have seen the report. We’re now automatically recognised and come to as specialists in this area – which is fantastic.

    - Liz Sparrow | Partner, Science and Tech Lead

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  • Energy PR delivered insightful audience analysis and strategy

    We now have a clear understanding of performance and we’re well equipped to create engaging content, increase website traffic and improve conversion rates.

    - Chris Thompson | Partner

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  • We see them as our 'trusted advisers'

    We look forward to their ideas and creativity around the areas that we are looking to focus on.

    The ‘Digging Up Britain’ reports that they created are an industry first and testament to their approach.

    - Richard Broome | Managing Director

  • The team is a delight to work with, always happy to go over and above, and are also our friends

    Energy PR has been our close partner on our events for around 15 years, and has been key in helping to build particularly our packaging events brand in the UK. They work collaboratively, creatively and reliably to deliver excellent service and results!

    - Alison Church | Chief Marketing Officer

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  • Comprehensive and thorough understanding of our business, vision and objectives

    I have been working with Energy PR for the best part of a decade. Over that time, Energy have developed a comprehensive and thorough understanding of our business, vision and objectives. This enables them to come up with relevant, tailored messaging and campaigns for each of the audiences that we target.

    - Alexandra Giles-Brown | Head of Marketing

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We go above and beyond in everything we do to help them succeed

You could say we bring more energy ;)

Our PR ensures our clients are in front of their audiences more of the time. No matter where they graze for their information.

But more than this, we’re PRos at turning brand-building into profits through digital PR too. Niftily combining SEO and PR tactics we massively boost online visibility.

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The result? A strategy that delivers business goals, drives brand loyalty and traffic

See what we mean about more? Whether you’re a B2B specialist or a consumer brand, we’re bursting with ideas. We get just as excited about your business as you do. Sometimes more. Wonderful.

We're always interested in a new PR challenge

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