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Award-winning, audience-first PR services for B2B and B2C brands

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We're experts in building, managing and protecting reputations

How do we do that? In so many ways. All of which are tailored just for you.

We get the right people talking about you: journalists, the media, industry experts, content creators, influencers, brand ambassadors and of course, your target audience. On and offline. 

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We tell your stories in distinct and memorable ways, so your personality shines through

We make sure your brand is in all the places your audience grazes for information. 

We cleverly build momentum using everything from thought leadership to creative campaigns. 

We accelerate your brand awareness with stunts and high impact creativity. 

We get you face to face with your audience through events, speaker opportunities, or community relations.

We teach you how to effectively engage with internal and external audiences in the good times and the bad.


Discover why top brands trust us

From transforming businesses to achieving remarkable results, our agency has earned the trust and admiration of our clients.

  • They have exceeded our expectations in helping us promote our show

    Energy PR have been an absolute pleasure to work with. They are enthusiastic, incredibly polite and are always prompt in response. They secured us bigger coverage of our show than we could have imagined and would highly recommend any company to use them.

    - Amber Capon | Marketing Executive

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  • My Nametags has worked with Energy PR for years, and they keep delivering excellent PR work for us

    They do a great job in coming up with good ideas and executing them. My Nametags is trying to reach parents and consumers, and we have had articles and coverage on BBC, ITV, Sky, BBC Radio, Sun, Express and Mirror to mention some.

    - Lars B Andersen | CEO

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  • The team is a delight to work with, always happy to go over and above, and are also our friends

    Energy PR has been our close partner on our events for around 15 years, and has been key in helping to build particularly our packaging events brand in the UK. They work collaboratively, creatively and reliably to deliver excellent service and results!

    - Alison Church | Chief Marketing Officer

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  • Energy PR have worked with Siltbuster for many years providing full media relations

    Its creativity and drive are a great asset to us, particularly pitching thought-leadership pieces and feature ideas to our target publications.

    Along with a strong amount of media coverage, with their help we have won several awards. The team are responsive, personable and great to work with.

    - Sol Sunnarvik | Marketing Manager

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Our way of doing things

We’re people-first

We always start with your audience, the people you’re trying to talk to. We understand how to get their attention, so when the time is right, they’re primed to buy from you, join you, recommend you… whatever it is you’re trying to achieve.

Find out about more about our audience-first approach.

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Our strategy will be rooted in you and your current comms challenge. Whether your situation is good, bad or ugly, we can help with it all.

We’ll devise the smartest way to use your budget with a strategy grounded in genuine insights, true audience understanding and a tasty dose of creativity.


Some of our PR services:

Thought leadership

We’ll make you the go-to experts in your field.  So that when journalists need insight or comment – they come straight to you. 

Creative campaigns

For when you want to command attention, change hearts and minds or ignite a conversation. Ideal for a product launch, at peak season for your industry, or just at a time when your natural company news has slowed.

Award entries and case studies

Need proof your business is brilliant? From researching influential industry awards to writing glowing award entries and case studies, we’ll help you get more of the recognition your business deserves. 

Press office

We’re a well-oiled machine when it comes to press office, offering media monitoring, media relations, press releases, newsjacking, building data stories, media briefings and more.


Being face to face with your audiences is powerful stuff. We make that happen. Handling as much or as little of the process as you need. 

Speaker opportunities

Want the chance to speak at someone else’s event? We’ll make that happen too.


What are the benefits of PR?

Brand awareness and brand-building for sales. Reach your audience not just when they’re in market but before it too, before they know who you are. Once they see you popping up in all the right places, saying things that resonate with, inspire or interest them, they’re more likely to remember you and buy from you.

Building employer brand. So that staff get what you stand for and why they want to stay with you, and would-be employees are inspired to join you. 

Proactive and reactive reputation-building and management. Damage limitation in the eye of a media storm is one thing. Proactively building a good reputation is another: so people know who you are and what your business stands for. 

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Credibility and trust. In a world where businesses can advertise almost anywhere, we’ve become immune to ads. That’s why everyone wants editors, influencers and experts to talk about their brands and businesses. It has more cut-through with the audience. It’s credible. It’s powerful. Understandably this is much harder to do than simply handing over the cash for advertising. But it’s undoubtedly better. 

Support SEO and commercial objectives. Public relations professionals were building credibility and trust long before the internet came along. Even now, this is the criteria Google is looking for when deciding who to rank.

Impress potential investors. One of the first things they’ll do is look at your online presence and talk to others in the industry. So we make sure that when they do, you’re well-known, respected and showing up in all the right places.

Become a category leader. Own the conversation and steal the show from your competitors. 

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Sounds wonderful, but how do we measure it?

People say PR is hard to measure.

We disagree. 

We report on immediate outputs: pieces of coverage, the domain authority, brand mentions, key messages, links – to name a few. We also track the outcomes that are influenced by our PR services like brand search, keyword positions, downloads, organic and direct traffic to your website. Staff feedback and metrics, audience sentiment, reviews, and anecdotal feedback can also be important measures to capture.

We love seeing the cumulative impact of our PR activity building and gaining momentum, and we love handing you meaningful data to tell your stakeholders and shape your future activity.


Why Energy PR?

We’re a PR agency that thrives in both the business-to-business and consumer PR world, and that’s thanks to our extremely talented team.

We’re no one-trick pony. There are no off-the-shelf programmes from us. We have a unique breadth of experience combined with an extensive PR service offering. So you get the right solution tailored specifically to deliver your needs.

No matter your industry, no matter your challenge

This means our brand of B2B and B2C PR is bang on – creative, rigorous and results driven.

Have a question about PR, or want to know what it’s like to work with us? We have (almost) all the answers in our advice centre.

Time to hit ‘reset’ on your comms strategy?

Find out how much more your business is capable of

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