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Digital PR is SEO strategy, delivered using PR tactics

It’s long-lasting, online reputation-building, designed to build your authority and trust in the eyes of your audience, and search engines like Google

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We build your brand in the places that matter most to your audience

Whether that’s coverage in the media titles, magazines or websites they read, mentions by the socials they follow, or sparking conversation on the radio. If your audience are there, we make sure you are too. Your business, front of mind and at their fingertips.


Discover why top brands trust us

From transforming businesses to achieving remarkable results, our agency has earned the trust and admiration of our clients.

  • Energy PR delivered insightful audience analysis and strategy

    We now have a clear understanding of performance and we’re well equipped to create engaging content, increase website traffic and improve conversion rates.

    - Chris Thompson | Partner

  • Relevant, tailored and poignant messaging and campaigns

    Energy have developed a comprehensive and thorough understanding of our business, vision and objectives. This enables them to come up with relevant, tailored messaging and campaigns for each of the audiences that we target. We recently started a new digital PR venture with them, so I am excited to see the results that it yields.

    - Alexandra Giles-Brown | Head of Marketing

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Our Digital PR services: we build relationships AND links

For us, Digital PR is more than just link building

Think about your brand’s online ‘footprint’ as an accumulation of all the stories, mentions, content and discussions about you. We connect meaningfully with your audience, journalists, influencers and industry experts. This gives search engines all the proof they’re looking for about you. Better footprint, better results.

And because we’re always thinking beyond links, and keeping you audience front and centre of our Digital PR, our approach is water-tight and future-proof. It can withstand algorithm updates and social platforms coming and going, and lives on in a cookie-less world.


Our Digital PR specialists use insights and data to build the right strategy for your brand

The outcome?

More branded searches, more share of search and most importantly more traffic to your website.


Sounds good, right? Here’s how we achieve more for you:


Keyword research
Competitor audit
Persona insight
Content audit
Media audit
Backlink gap analysis


SEO strategy
Media relations strategy
Content strategy
Influencer strategy


Content calendar
On page copy
Outreach and media assets
Surveys, case studies, reports, blogs etc
Social media content


Media relations
Social content
Link reclamation

What are the benefits of Digital PR to your business?

It can increase website traffic in (at least) 4 ways:

  1. Improved rankings for generic searches
  2. Increased branded searches
  3. Content discovery through related searches for purpose-built content, like tools, guides and blogs
  4. Clicks from links in high quality media coverage

It’s measurable: we can demonstrate ROI, inform smarter business decisions and lock down long-term investment

It can reduce a reliance on PPC spending over time, as you’re supplementing paid traffic with your organic presence in the SERPs (search engine results pages).

It cements your business as an authority in your sector: consistent earned media and PR coverage in publications your target audience reads and trusts reinforces your expertise and keeps you front of mind.

The result? More qualified traffic to your site, more leads and more sales. Marvellous.


What are the key tactics used in Digital PR?

The essence of a great Digital PR campaign? Amazing content that’s long-lasting and irresistible to your audience. Born out of (and validated by) insights and analysis, search demand and knowing your audience inside and out – it’s content that:

Gets talked about

Attracts traffic

Entertains, educates or inspires

Connects to your business

Other successful tactics can look and feel similar to identifying news angles in PR: commissioning a survey, desk research, compelling data hooks, stunts, reports and more.

Ready to grow? If you’re curious how Digital PR could generate more for your business

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