Media Training

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What is media training?

Media training teaches you how to effectively talk to the media – be it print, tv or radio. It will teach you what to say, how to say it, and give you the confidence to do it well. 


Why is it important?

Because talking directly to the media is a great opportunity for your business, but one that comes with risk. When you’re in front of a journalist and a captive audience, you don’t want to get it wrong.

Interviews – especially broadcast – can feel like high stakes. Adrenaline is firing, questions can come from left field, and you have to think on your feet. 

But, if you’re well prepared, you can ace them. Once you get good at media interviews, more  opportunities will come along and that ultimately is a positive thing for you and your business.


Discover why top brands trust us

From transforming businesses to achieving remarkable results, our agency has earned the trust and admiration of our clients.

  • Energy has quickly become an important cog in our marketing wheel

    They conducted exhibitor and conference speaker outreach to create engaging and exiting content for the media in the run up to the show. This has led to an abundance of press coverage for StocExpo and also nurtured our relationships with exhibitors. All this positive media and exhibitor relations has been invaluable to the show and has no doubt contributed to the increase in visitor numbers this year.

    - StocExpo

    StocExpo exhibitors
  • My Nametags has worked with Energy PR for years, and they keep delivering excellent PR work for us

    They do a great job in coming up with good ideas and executing them. My Nametags is trying to reach parents and consumers, and we have had articles and coverage on BBC, ITV, Sky, BBC Radio, Sun, Express and Mirror to mention some.

    - Lars B Andersen | CEO

  • Working with the incredible Energy PR team is a true pleasure

    I always look forward to collaborating with the team! Energy PR is in tune with our Association and event-specific goals and does what is needed to create the perfect comprehensive media marketing program.

    Energy PR’s positive approach in garnering top media relationships, tailoring our messaging, and communicating our brand across multiple platforms and countries helps us meet our marketing goals and adds greatly to the success of Toy Fair!

    - Jacqueline Retzer | Director, Event Management

    toy fair crowds

Our media training services

After more than 25 years of it, we know our onions. We’ve delivered exceptional, bespoke media training to spokespeople and senior leadership teams at businesses of all shapes and sizes. 

Our face to face media training arms you with the knowledge, essential tools and confidence to help you win at media interviews.

We can help you with: 

Developing messaging 

Craft clear, compelling key messages. Whether it’s in response to a crisis, or proactive brand-building, we will help you shape the narrative.

Media relations  

We’ll show you how the media operate, what journalists are looking for and how to build positive relationships with them

Interview techniques 

We’ll prepare you for interviews, teach you about the different formats, presenter styles, and  questioning techniques you might encounter. So you’re primed to deliver key messages effectively. 

Practice sessions 

Because practice makes perfect. We’ll conduct simulated interviews so you can practice and hone your interview skills. Then you can approach real media interviews calmly prepared for anything. We will advise on everything from body language to staying hydrated.

Crisis communication

The stakes are highest during a crisis. Media training is essential to contain the crisis and not inflame it through poorly controlled communications. Find out more about our specific crisis comms services.

Media training for executives, C-suite and leaders

It’s not just for crises

Understanding the media and how they work in an interview setting will help you get positive brand exposure.

We can teach you the power of storytelling to better connect with the audience, control the messaging and give your business a human face.  A great performance in the media can impress new audiences and investors alike. 


Want to tell your story to the world?

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