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The year started wonderfully for two brands in particular which caught my eye with their inventive PR campaigns. Meanwhile an ill-judged advert resulted in criticism of the Government.

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Bloom & Wild

Flower delivery service, Bloom & Wild, decided to ditch the red roses this Valentine’s Day and did not sell them. The campaign came after research revealed the majority of Brits would prefer a more thoughtful gift than a bunch of red blooms.

The campaign declared that red roses were ‘not for sale’ and instead offered a dozen reasons why the brand wasn’t selling the flowers, one being that “love isn’t all red roses”.

Why we like it: As an online flower retailer, standing out on Valentine’s Day is a difficult task. By taking a risk of missing out on sales to make a statement, Bloom & Wild sets itself apart from its competition. It’s also a fun take on a Valentine’s Day campaign and demonstrates that the company truly understands its customers, which builds trust – something our research has identified as critical to brand love.


International travel came to an almost total standstill with lockdown last year, but as the vaccine roll-out continues at pace, there is hope that the restrictions will lift. In the meantime, easyJet is keen to ensure its customers don’t forget about the faraway destinations they once dreamed of travelling to.

The travel company released a series of three-minute-long video escapes on its Instagram page depicting seven of its most popular European tourist destinations. From skiing in the snowy peaks of Austria to beautiful Greek beaches and the cityscapes of Budapest and Venice. The films aim to transport users away from the monotony of lockdown life for a moment of mindfulness.

Why we like it: This is a simple, quick social media win that engages the brand’s audience by creating that holiday feeling many are sorely missing. It also gives people a taster of the wonderful escapism they would usually get from a trip away, reigniting their desire to travel once it is legally allowed.

Government Ad

The Government withdrew a social media advert after it received criticism for stereotyping women by depicting them doing household chores whilst the only male character in the advert was relaxing on the sofa.

The post, carrying the slogan “Stay Home, Save lives. The new Covid-19 variant is spreading fast”, was shared widely on social media, but for all the wrong reasons.

Following the criticism, the Government withdrew the ad and said it did “not reflect [its] view on women”.

What to learn: This advert shows a distinct lack of awareness and common sense. And the intended message, on the danger of the new COVID-19 variant, was missed completely in all the commotion. It’s a timely reminder of the importance of taking a critical view when launching new communication initiatives, firstly to avoid major slip-ups like this, but also to ensure that any activity delivers the intended message. Particularly when lives are at stake, you really don’t want to be undermining your own efforts in this way.

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