Social Media Management: A Guide To Getting Started

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Jack Quinney


The importance of social media for engaging directly with your target audience cannot be overlooked. If managed well, social media is a powerful tool for shaping reputation and establishing a loved brand. Here are our top tips for establishing a social media strategy to gear you up for success.

1. Get To Know Your Target Audience

Ask yourself who you are trying to reach. Your content should reflect what your target audience will relate to and engage with. Get granular with your understanding of your audience. What are their demographics? What are their interests? What are their challenges? The answers to these questions can help to inform content that resonates.

If you are after some guidance on getting to know your target audience, we’ve blogged on the subject before.

2. Prioritise the Platforms That Matter to You

When considering which platforms to invest your time into, it is important to strike a balance. Spreading yourself too thinly across lots of channels will mean you can’t give them each the attention they deserve, while relying on just one platform will limit your reach.

First and foremost, your decision should be based on where your audience is spending time and engaging. There is no point setting up a Snapchat account if you are trying to reach senior professionals and executives. When getting started, there is value in checking out which platforms your competitors are using and where other content is performing well for to get an idea of where and how your target audience is currently being reached.

3. Set Goals

Having clear goals will help to guide your content, provide a metric for success, and enable you to identify areas for improvement. They should focus on what you value most – this might include engagement rate, new followers, a certain demographic of followers, or impressions. We recommend using the SMART method to set goals: • Specific – define your goals • Measurable – use metrics to track your goals • Achievable – be sure you have the resources to reach your goals • Realistic • Time-sensitive – give your goals timeframes for when they need to be reached

4. Focus on Engagement

It is not enough to simply post on social media and leave it at that. Engaging with your audience and other stakeholders is vital for building a relationship with customers and establishing your brand as an authority in your space. This can be done in a range of ways, such as answering questions, commenting on posts from other accounts, organising competitions, encouraging audience-generated content, and jumping on relevant hashtags. This list goes on!

5. Promote Content

It is difficult to reach more than 20 percent of your followers organically. This highlights the value of promoted content, especially when first launching a social media channel and pursuing growth.

An advertisement strategy is a sure-fire way to expand reach, engage your audience and it can provide an impressive return on investment. It is possible to create and track incredibly bespoke ads, targeting very specific demographics. This is great for getting in front of the people that matter to your business.

To find out more about our expertise in managing social media channels, do get in touch.

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