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  • 5.9 million

    People reached

  • 103%

    Increase in web traffic

  • 58%

    Increase in Domain Authority ranking

The Challenge

Wellers is a leading firm of accountants with offices in London, Oxford, Thame, and Banbury from where it serves the SME community. Unusually for an accountancy practice, Wellers is very sophisticated in its marketing approach. It uses HubSpot, a powerful inbound marketing CRM system. This helps it attract relevant businesses to their website and nurture them, turning many into prospects and then new clients. The capabilities of the system also ensure the firm can communicate with its clients effectively thereby helping to turn them into advocates.

The system is great and was working well – but Wellers didn’t want to rest on its laurels, it wanted to crank the handle. That meant more, good quality traffic coming into this sophisticated system. To achieve this, HubSpot suggested Wellers secure more links from relevant, quality external sites – such as online media. So, Wellers turned to Energy PR.

How We Helped

We have a good track-record deploying PR to boost a company’s brand, SEO, and web traffic performance, and quickly identified what needed to be done.


We recognised that Wellers has a fantastic, rich library of informative blogs on its site. These have been written by the firm’s partners and specialists, spanning an entire array of topics which are important to Wellers’ three key audiences – start-ups, growing businesses and maturing businesses.

The hundreds of blogs cover topics as wide ranging as ‘how to understand different types of share classes’, ‘how to finance business expansion’ and ‘how to protect your business idea’ through to ‘the new construction industry VAT rules’ and ‘the value of R&D tax credits’.

We used these blogs as the basis for potential feature ideas and pitched them to our many media contacts.


Drawing on our market knowledge, we focused on highly relevant online media titles. Our criteria were that they needed to themselves have a good domain authority and cater for the elements of the SME community we are interested in; we didn’t simply want links for links sake. We wanted links that would deliver.

That meant sites which Google rates and which have genuine readers who are decisionmakers who run or manage businesses. We wanted to know that if they then went through to Wellers’ site, they would be the right kind of businesses for the firm and would therefore respond to the content they found there.


We then supplied the features, taking care to build relevant links back to Wellers site within the articles. The feature topics were carefully selected to not just appeal to readers but to provide highly tactical boosts to critical pages of the Wellers site, improving the firm’s Google page ranking for key terms, topics, and phrases. The links took the reader to different parts of the Wellers’ website, depending on what kind of business, and where ‘in the sales funnel,’ we felt a reader of such an article might be.

The links within the placed features not only delivered good quality highly relevant traffic, but because that traffic arrived at Wellers’ site from a media site where people had just read a high quality article by one of the firm’s partners, that traffic was primed. It already had confidence in Wellers’ knowledge and authority and was therefore open to glean more advice from the firm.

Lastly, the combined effect of having more, high quality links to the Wellers website, boosted the company’s overall performance in the search engines.

The Outcome

In less than a year our editorially driven link building campaign for Wellers has proven highly effective, ‘turning up the gas’ on the firm’s already strong HubSpot strategy.

During this time:

We’ve reached an audience of 5,906,220

Wellers’ Domain Authority has increased from 24 to 38

Web traffic to the Wellers site has increased by 103%

For instance, Feb 2020 was 25% up on January, which is unusual as January would normally be a peak performing month as it is a time when people are searching for advice about completing and filing tax returns.

Wellers is dominating in high traffic topic areas. For instance, millions of people were talking about ‘Entrepreneurs Relief’ in Feb and March, yet Wellers ranks fifth on Google for its blog on this topic. This is due to a series of features we placed with key business titles on this topic.

The website’s number of organic keywords ranking in search engines has more than doubled in the last 12 months.

The company is less dependent on a few highly ranked blogs delivering a lot of its traffic.

The company’s position on the search engines for key terms has improved with over 2,000 keywords ranking in search engines compared to half that 12 months previously.

The company now has links from key media sites which will continue delivering traffic and SEO benefits for years to come

Chris Thompson, Wellers Partner and Head of Marketing, says: “With so many people researching heavily on the web before committing to purchase decisions these days, visibility online is an absolute key area to success. Whilst the concept is simple, achieving it through high quality content takes a lot of time and effort.

“Thankfully for us, our partnership with Energy PR has produced many in depth articles and releases that have generated high quality backlinks to our website. This has been a major contributor to us ranking better for multiple keyword phrases. Meanwhile our website authority score – how trusted it is by search engines and thus how visible we are in the likes of Google – has also risen steadily.

“Authoritative content is the name of the game in the digital age. We’re very grateful for the excellent work Energy PR has done in improving our brand visibility.”

To find out more about Energy PR’s digital PR expertise, please do get in touch.

  • 5.9 million

    People reached

  • 103%

    Increase in web traffic

  • 58%

    Increase in Domain Authority ranking


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