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We’re Energy PR, a SaaS and IT communications specialist

We can help you find and establish your unique market position to help your business scale up, disrupt or transform
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Whether you’re a software provider, a wealth management platform or an EdTech business, if you’re operating in this sector, we combine our industry knowledge and our eye for a good story to turn your ‘users’ into your biggest fans.

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We know the technology sector is about building long-lasting communities

This sector is all about user adoption, and to achieve that, you need more than just your founder story. We can help your business build its brand and its community by creating content that connects with your audience and makes you stand out from your competition.

We're always interested in a new PR challenge

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Think influencer marketing isn`t right for your business? Think again 💡

It`s easy to assume influencer marketing is just for celebrity collaborations, but that couldn`t be further from the truth.

Influencers are everywhere.

Almost every industry has influential personalities, and these individuals offer #B2B brands a shortcut to ready-made, highly engaged audiences.

Interested? Drop us a message to find out how you could be using influencers to grow your brand.

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How well do the team know #GenZ slang?

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