Revealing the UK’s Naughtiest Names to Reach Target Consumers

The Challenge

Leading online label supplier, My Nametags, wanted to raise awareness of its product offering through a creative campaign to capture the media’s attention and reach its target audience of parents and teachers.


pieces of coverage secured across national, regional, consumer, and broadcast titles including MailOnline, The Sun, and OK! Magazine

313 million

total campaign reach


pieces of national coverage secured

How We Helped

Building on our previous activity with the brand, we devised a national media campaign that resonated with British parents, whilst further establishing the My Nametags brand as an authority on names.

The campaign, dubbed ‘What’s in a Name’, analysed the opinions of 1,500 teachers, parents, and school children. We asked each group to share their opinions of children with the UK’s top 20 baby names, as revealed by BabyCentre.

The key findings from the research formed as the basis of a national media story which revealed the naughtiest, best behaved, kindest, shyest, loudest, most confident, and most intelligent, based on their first names alone. Chartered Clinical Psychologist and Scientist, Linda Blair, explained the psychology behind the stereotypes and why they exist. To capitalise on the media buzz around this topic, the campaign launched shortly after 2019’s most popular baby names were revealed.

Regional versions were used to broaden the appeal of the campaign at a local level and increase its reach.

A Playbuzz quiz to help expectant parents decide what to name their child, based on how they would want their child to be perceived, helped to drive traffic to the My Nametags website.

The story capitalised on a subject with media appeal by focussing on a relatable subject. It resonated with a wide audience as most people know of someone with one of these popular names, particularly parents and teachers.

The Outcome

Our What’s in a Name campaign was successful in reaching 313 million people and generated a total of 125 pieces of coverage. This included 17 pieces in the national press, such as the Mail Online, as well as four broadcast opportunities. Lars B Andersen, Managing Director at My Nametags, also featured in a television appearance for That’s Manchester TV. The campaign also gained international traction for the global brand, with coverage secured in the USA, New Zealand, and Australia.

6,000 people participated in the Playbuzz quiz which further increased engagement with the campaign and successfully drove thousands of consumers to the My Nametags website.

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Media Coverage


pieces of coverage


national pieces of coverage


broadcast opportunities

Total campaign reach