Thought leadership for Kiwa

Helping Kiwa demonstrate its expertise and maximise its significant role in an important feasibility study


Kiwa is one of the leading experts on hydrogen, so we encouraged them to play a significant role in the development of a series of reports investigating the feasibility of converting the UK’s gas transmission network from natural gas to hydrogen. With around 90 per cent of the country’s heating systems powered by natural gas, a change to hydrogen, which produces zero carbon emissions, would have a huge and beneficial impact on our carbon generation levels. Our challenge was to position them as the thought leaders, underline the central role they played in the project as a whole and secure them share of voice alongside their big-name research partners who included the likes of the Department of Energy and Climate Change (now DBEIS) and KPMG.


This is a complex subject with a number of different aspects - so we needed to secure opportunities that would give us the space and scope to go into the detail of Kiwa’s story. To emphasise their expertise, we wanted to get across their opinion and not just the facts about what they did. To tick both these boxes, we focused on securing opinion pieces in the key sector media ensuring they were talking directly to the people who needed to know what they’re capable of doing. As an important business within its local area, we were also tasked with using the story as an opportunity to raise Kiwa’s regional profile.


We achieved ‘Viewpoints’ in: The Engineer, Energy World, Gas International, H&V News and PHAM News. We also secured interviews with: Gas World, Utility Week,, Cotswold Life, The Gloucestershire Echo 



Five full page viewpoints in key titles and interviews with three further trade and two regional publications.