Getting to Know Your Target Audience


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Mike Newby


Do you know who your customers are? It’s a deceptively simple question because the answer feels self-evident, but if someone asked you “how old is your average customer?” or, “what interests do your average customers have?”, could you answer? Our research shows that understanding customer identity is a key factor in achieving brand love, so here’s a quick guide to getting to know your target audience:

1. Ask them

You want to find out their interests, their concerns, what magazines they read, what social channels they favour, what accounts they follow, the events they attend, how they buy, who influences them, what other brands they buy, their lifestyle, what newsletters they receive, what websites they browse and so on. If you’re selling B2B you want to know how they feel about industry trends. If you’re a consumer brand you want a sense of the causes or issues which excite them.

2. Hang out where they hang out

Once you have that raw data about your existing customers, you can get to know them better by subscribing to those media outlets, visiting those websites, engaging with those influencers and attending those events yourself. If you know a lot of your customers subscribe to Horticulture Week and follow Monty Don on Twitter, for example, nothing will give you a better understanding of what’s on their mind than subscribing to Monty Don’s feed and keeping up with the news and views reported in Horticulture Week!

3. Use the tools available to you

There are loads of online tools out there that can tell you who has visited your website, their demographics, the social pages they may be interested in and the media they read. They’re not the be all and end all of knowing your target audience, but they are really useful, so use them!

4. Keep checking!

Your customers will change over time in two senses. Your customer base may be different people ten years from now, or they might be the same people but ten years older or ten years further into their careers, or a bit of both! Knowing your target audience is not a one-and-done job, it’s something you should be doing constantly to continue delivering the services they need.

5. Get help

If auditing your customers sounds like a big job and you don’t know where to start, you can always contact the professionals to help you out!

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