Influencer Relations

Intelligent, bespoke influencer marketing campaigns

Getting the right people talking about your brand sits at the heart of what PR is all about. Engaging with people who influence the behaviour of a target audience is very powerful; it can alter perceptions, increase brand awareness, reach new audiences and drive sales. Influencers range from celebrities, public figures and sport stars to social media stars or popular local figures. But it is the boom in influence of social media stars and their ability to create measurable and trackable results that means ‘influencer marketing’ features in 87% of marketers’ strategies. With the introduction of Instagram’s shoppable links, there is now even more reason for brands to engage with influencers. It is easy to send out product samples and hope for the best. We do things a bit differently. Our Influencer Relations service intelligently creates bespoke influencer campaigns that connect brands and products with the right influencers. We then form strategic partnerships with them to deliver compelling content above and beyond a simple product review. Our skills ensure the partnerships are based on a real strategy with results which can be used throughout the marketing mix.

Service Features

  • Audience analysis
  • Careful talent selection
  • Crystal clear briefing
  • Contract creation
  • Campaign management
  • Compelling content plans and programmes of activity
  • Maximisation of campaign content throughout the marketing mix
  • Measurement

We provided influencer relations to a wide range of clients. For example we worked with former Great British Bake Off contestants to champion a range of licensed bake-ware products for Wow! Stuff, creating competitions and one-off recipes using the products. We helped a host of lifestyle, midwifery and mummy bloggers re-evaluate how they feel about their post-baby bodies on behalf of MUTU System. We also challenged fashion bloggers and instagrammers to style shoes multiple ways for Moshulu, providing peer outfit inspiration to customers in the process.

If you have an audience you would like to influence, then let’s talk – call 01993 823011 or email